Spring Garden Growing Tips

Spring Garden TipsMany experienced gardeners will start spring gardens under grow lights inside or outside in Cold Boxes. The rule of thumb for safely planting after the last frost is to wait until the first full moon in March. This timing will fluctuate based on your hardiness zone however. We have been very fortunate with the last frost as we typically will sow our Spring vegetables by the 3 rd week of February. In our zone the rains come heavy July 1 st so we try to get most of our spring vegetables harvested by the end of June.

The first and most important item to consider when growing a Spring garden is to plant the vegetable varieties that are most suited for spring conditions. We have chosen vegetable varieties for the Spring Seasonal Garden Kit that will flourish by starting out strong in the older months and mature well in the warmer months.

If your plants aren’t growing as quickly as you had hoped, you might want to check the PH levels in the soil. If they are too high or too low, it can seriously affect their growth. All you need is a small application of standard lime to correct the imbalance and your plants will be ready to grow. If your soil is not especially fertile, liquid fish emulsion is an excellent organic that can really boost soil productivity. Add liquid fish fertilizer at 2-3 week intervals throughout the growing season.

For the best soil possible in any hardiness zone we advocate Woodchip Gardening. You can learn more about this amazing God-given technique through the Back to Eden project. The steps that they list are suggestions, not instructions, based on Paul Gautschi’s experiences with creation and the Creator. They encourage people everywhere to spend time in the garden. Feel free to experiment, follow your intuition, learn from your mistakes, adapt to your local environment, and ultimately let God direct you on your journey back to Eden!

Self Reliance Strategies offers Seasonal Garden Seed Kits that are carefully selected to thrive in each particular season. We also offer Specialty Garden Seed Kits which are designed for specific situations (harsh climate, survival stockpiling, hydroponic gardening, etc.). Our seed kits are:

  • 100% Heirloom (non-hybrid)
  • 100% Non-GMO
  • Hermetically sealed to last up to 30 years, if stored properly
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