Bean, Lima, Henderson

Possibly America’s favorite baby lima bean, the Henderson Bush Lima Bean is a beautiful, easy to grow variety. Each pod will contain 3 to 4 bean seeds, and the pods are great for canning or freezing. The Henderson Bush Lima Bean is a hardy lima bean that can grow during the heat of the summer.

Bean, Lima, Henderson Plant Info

  • PLANT TYPE: Annual
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Phaseolus limensis
  • LIGHT: Full Sun
  • SOIL TYPE: Medium-rich, well-drained, deep sandy loam
  • pH RANGE: 6.5 – 7.5
  • MATURITY IN DAYS: 70 – 75
  • KNOWN PESTS: Same as Bush Beans
  • KNOWN DISEASES: Same as Bush Beans


Lima beans should be planted even later in the spring than bush beans because they are not as hardy. Lima beans should not be planted until well after the last frost. Lima beans also should not be planted as thickly as bush beans.

Lima beans (or any beans) should not be picked when wet or dew is on the plants. Lima beans are best preserved by freezing, although dried lima beans can be used in some recipes.


Direct seed lima beans after all danger of frost when the soil reaches 18-24°C (65-75°F). Sow 1” deep, 4-6” apart in rows 30-32” apart.


Lima beans need a sunny, warm spot with very well drained soil as lima beans prefer a dry soil and a long, warm growing season. For fertility and soil pH requirements, see regular bush beans as lima beans have similar needs.


Begin picking lima beans once the pods are well filled and beans are still tender. Pick regularly for continual yield.

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